Outwards Reinsurance System Implementation

Embrace cutting-edge outwards reinsurance technology solutions to optimise, automate, and deliver powerful data insights.

Are you asking yourself

  • Is the management of your ceded operations hindered by an outdated system, leading to inefficiencies and an excessive manual workload?
  • Is your team weighed down by a lengthy quarterly close process?
  • Do you struggle in delivering finance and management aggregate-level ceded reports?
  • Do you want your ceded operations to look totally different within the next 12 months?

What you will get from us:

  • Delivery of a solution that meets your business and technical requirements, and is embedded to create a new, improved, and fully integrated (retro)ceded operation.
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Our Approach

  • Analyse

    Conduct a thorough analysis of both business and technical requirements, and critically evaluate your ‘as-is’ processes.

  • Design and Plan

    Design your target application landscape and develop efficient, consistent ‘to-be’ processes. Prepare your migration strategy and implementation plan.

  • Migrate and Reconcile

    Configure environments, map attributes, and load data. Build interfaces, develop special features, and perform reconciliation testing.

  • Train and Test

    Provide training to ensure users are confident with the new system and processes and conduct user acceptance testing (UAT).

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