Process Management with HEALTHINABOX

Business process management, Channel and IT transformation together represent a fundamental first step to drive quick win and long-term business transformation. By adopting a digital-first operating model, enhancing business processes by re-design and automation organisational simplification can be achieved along with operational efficiency. HEALTHINABOX® is designed keeping in view the evolving market demands. Some of the unique features are standardised approach, customer centricity, automation and focus on digital initiatives. The framework is paramount in achieving the goals set by the business.

Are you asking yourself

  • How do our business processes compare to market standards?
  • Are there inefficiencies in our health insurance business processes?
  • Are our business processes geared towards customer centricity?
  • How can we enable our organization to seize the potential of digital transformation?
  • Is there potential for Intelligent Automation in our health business?

What you will get from us:

  • Deep understanding of the current state of your health insurance processes
  • Definition of vision and future state including a gap analysis, Target Operating Model and Road maps
  • Recommendation & impact assessment across operational matrix
  • End to end digital process maps
  • Accountability matrix (RACI)
  • User stories and customer journey
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Our Approach

  • Vision

    Workshops are conducted with key stakeholders and Synpulse industry experts to define a health insurance vision and principles.

  • Current State

    Diagnose and analyse the current state processes of the health insurance business.

  • Future State

    Design state processes derived from the best practices currently applied in the market.


    Contextualize the needs of your business to our HEALTHINABOX processes.

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