Process Mining

Mine the gold in your data with process mining: Discover, document, enhance and audit your processes and their execution based on data traces in the systems. Identify and resolve inefficiencies, duplication, and document gaps through factual data analysis and review instead of solely relying on stakeholder interviews.

Are you asking yourself

  • Where are the bottlenecks in our processes?
  • Which variations of our processes exist?
  • Is the four-eye principle followed where required?
  • Are our processes well documented and understood?

What you will get from us:

  • Additional insights into your processes based on factual system data
  • Detailed analysis report with process graphs and facts from the process mining analysis
  • Recommendation how to improve processes
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Our Approach

  • Goal Definition

    Define joint goals to agree on the desired outcomes required (documentation of processes, reveal process inefficiencies, audit process compliance)?

  • Data Extraction

    Perform data extraction from relevant source systems to conduct a comprehensive review based on pre-defined criteria.

  • Data Preparation

    Perform data preparation task such as quality checks, descriptive statistics, removal of unfinished cases etc, for process analysis.

  • Data Analysis

    Conduct data analysis with a process mining tool to reveal the required insights in accordance to the goal definition.

  • Result Presentation

    Review and present results. Then discuss and agree on next steps as well as the roadmap for implementation.

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