Review of Pricing Process along the entire Value Chain

A well-tuned pricing strategy is essential along the entire insurance value chain. Synpulse’s market expertise can help you adequately utilise input sources, integrate market intelligence, and implement the optimal pricing strategy.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we use adequate input sources and integrate market intelligence (MI) and portfolio transparency (PT) into product & pricing management?
  • How can we optimise the coordination between product management & pricing in the evaluation, conception, and implementation phase?
  • How can we optimise step-by-step pricing (risk exposure, tariff development & market premium definition) and derive insights into sales support for optimal market development?

What you will get from us:

  • Outside-in challenge of your existing pricing related processes along the entire value chain
  • Outside-in challenge of your existing pricing strategy
  • Boost your teams by fostering an innovation culture
  • Improvement of the coordination of all stakeholders involved in pricing
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Our Approach

  • Analysis

    Support in the as-is analysis of processes, tools, methods and tools from an internal perspective.

  • Process Definition

    Comparison with the outside view (of Synpulse) in terms of best practice processes and proven methods and tools.

  • Objective Outline

    Joint development of objectives for requirements on processes and process design for your organisation.

  • Prioritisation

    Joint identification and prioritisation of fields of action and measures along the value chain.

  • Gap Elimination

    Gap elimination planning and respective implementation of measures according to roadmap.

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