Pricing Risk Operating Model Review

Tightening regulations on pricing practices in Hong Kong and Singapore have introduced significant regulatory risks for banks. Our operating model review identifies potential gaps and compliance hotspots along your entire value chain by analyzing processes and benchmarking to our best practices framework.

Are you asking yourself

  • Do our bank’s processes meet the regulatory expectations of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) Information Paper published on February 2020?
  • How can we identify common weaknesses or deficiencies and mitigate potential audit findings from regulatory inspection?
  • Are bespoke pricing/discount agreements supported by our business and system processes?
  • How do we benchmark against the regulatory requirements?
  • What are the industry best practices for Over-the-counter (OTC) products?
  • How can we adapt our current control framework to ensure pricing transparency and adherence?

What you will get from us:

  • Structured data-driven evaluation of the bank’s adherence to regulatory requirements through data sampling.
  • Synpulse’s proprietary process mapping toolset (BANKINABOX®) to fast-track a heatmap highlighting potential weaknesses and deficiencies across the value chain.
  • Identification of instances of overcharging based on standard schedule and discount agreements.
  • Recommendations of tactical solutions to mitigate risk and long-term strategic improvements.
  • Design a roadmap to achieve robust pricing governance that provides oversight and steers resolution of issues.
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Our Approach

  • Interviews

    SME interviews are conducted with structured questionnaires and checklists on business processes, system capabilities and user behaviors.

  • Pricing Analysis

    Pricing data points along the value chain are analyzed to identify and call attention to potential weaknesses and deficiencies.

  • Process Analysis

    Proprietary process mapping toolset (BANKINABOX®) is leveraged to outline system flows and business processes along the value chain highlighting to pricing risks.

  • Workshop Series

    Insights are shared across business functions and systemic issues in systems and processes are identified to deduct next steps.

  • Review

    The guidelines and standards, control framework and governance currently in place are reviewed.

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