Risk Culture and Conduct

No matter how strict the rules regulators impose are from the outside, there is no substitute for a strong corporate culture in terms of risk to achieving long-term profitability and sustainability.

Are you asking yourself

  • What are best practices regarding risk culture and conduct within the industry?
  • How can we improve the risk culture and conduct within our organisation?
  • How can we align our incentive model to promote a positive risk culture aligned with the regulatory agenda?

What you will get from us:

  • Identify the pain points and dilemmas of managing risk
  • Develop a risk culture framework and address regulatory requirements
  • Operationalise the risk culture framework within the short timeline
  • Develop a balanced scorecard to balance risk and reward
  • Set up effective governance of risk culture
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Our Approach

  • Assessment

    Interviews are conducted with 1st and 2nd Line of Defence to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current risk culture.

  • Measures

    In workshops with key stakeholders areas for improvement are identified and measures are prioritised into a roadmap of initiatives.

  • Implementation

    Training solutions to improve the company-wide risk culture are defined and employee training conducted.

  • Guidelines

    Supervisory guidelines and best practices are discussed, formulated and written-down.

  • Balanced Scorecard

    Adjustments to the existing incentive framework are implemented to reward adherence to guidelines through a balanced scorecard.

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