New Risk-Free Rate (RFR) Based Product Implementation in Avaloq (LIBOR Transition)

Easily define and implement new post-LIBOR RFR-based products with the guidance of our profound market and technological expertise. We combine LIBOR-transition topic experts and Avaloq implementation specialist to provide a holistic project approach.

Are you asking yourself

  • Are there best practices to define new RFR products not based on LIBOR?
  • Is Avaloq capable of handling new non-LIBOR RFR products?
  • How can we ensure our new non-LIBOR products will still work in Avaloq and our peripheral systems?

What you will get from us:

  • Straight-forward new RFR-based product definitions
  • Fast implementation of new RFR-based products
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Our Approach

  • Product Definition

    Synpulse topic experts guide the definition process of new non-LIBOR RFR products.

  • Avaloq kernel

    Avaloq RFR kernel change review/implementation

  • Assets set-up

    Set-up of new RFR-based assets (business set-up and technical set-up in Avaloq)

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