Intelligent Automation and RPA (CoE)

Operating with virtual workers in the highly regulated banking and insurance industry is challenging. We enable you to implement RPA in a safe and scalable manner, ensuring a reliable automation solution.

Are you asking yourself

  • Which organisational structure supports the automation solution delivery best and fits into our corporate strategy and culture (centralised vs. federated vs. hybrid)?
  • How do we ensure that the automation roadmap is aligned with our strategic agenda?
  • How do we ensure we don’t cannibalise our other automation efforts (e.g. within the core-system)?
  • How is delivery managed and deployment embedded into the existing change management process?
  • How are our robots (RPA) supervised, trained, managed and supported?

What you will get from us:

  • Enhanced value proposition and clear business case for the use of intelligent automation
  • A cost-efficient operation for virtual workforce in context of the banks automation strategy
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for a resilient and secure operation of the virtual workforce
  • Clear test, release and change procedures to achieve a maximum automation solution availability
  • Accelerated upscaling of the virtual workforce resulting in lower implementation costs
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Our Approach

  • Vision

    Define automation vision and objectives of your automation initiative

  • Roadmap

    Define the process governance and management of the automation roadmap

  • Methodology

    Define the required and resilient delivery methodology

  • Technology

    Align with IT on service architecture, design and model as well as technology

  • Operating model

    Design required operating model processes (e.g. coding guidelines, deployment process, access request)

  • Deployment

    Obtain approval on Robotics Operating Model by all stakeholders

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