RPA / Intelligent Automation Enablement

By keeping your culture at the centre of intelligent automation, you ensure that people feel confident about the future. Synpulse can work with your organisation to help them select and automate the right processes, and manage as well as monitor automated processes in production.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can I enable my internal organisation to be engaged in automating processes?
  • How do I ensure that automated processes are stable and resilient, and reusable?
  • How do I define which processes can be automated?

What you will get from us:

  • Trained internal developers are able to automate processes without external support
  • Trained internal production support team is able to manage and monitor processes without external support
  • Organisation can scale automation of processes quickly on their own
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Our Approach

  • Dev Team Training

    Intensive training for the automation development team to set the foundations.

  • Automation Management Team Training

    Training sessions for automation team managing and monitoring automated processes in production.

  • Joint Implementation

    Joint implementation phase to apply learned content and best practices to real processes.

  • Go-live

    Joint go-live of processes in scope and hypercare phase.

  • Handover

    Handover to internal organization, post go-live support provided wherever needed.

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