Strategy Implementation

The value of a strategy depends upon its execution. Most strategies fail due to an insufficient implementation or misunderstanding within the business. It is therefore crucial, that the implementation is executed in an efficient but also employee focussed approach that allows the utilisation of primary resources but also creates acceptance within the company. The amount of tasks involved in the implementation of a new or refined strategy ranges from internal to external environments. Not only are the internal resources being affected by a new strategic approach but also the directly involved external environment.

Are you asking yourself

  • How do we ensure our strategy is actionable and leads to the desired outcomes?
  • Are all stakeholders aligned in our strategy process?
  • Are measurement abilities defined and in place?
  • How do we communicated our new strategy for maximum acceptance?
  • Are the new dimensions already set and implemented?

What you will get from us:

  • An interactive process to realize your strategy implementation
  • Clearly defined key performance indicators to track effectiveness of change
  • Implementation measures and road map
  • A holistic approach to ensure that entire staff is aligned toward common goals
  • Practice in using Lean “Hoshin Kanri” methodology to achieve your strategic goals
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Our Approach

  • Strategy Governance

    KPIs and implementation approaches are defined to track the success of the strategy implementation.

  • Roadmap Definition

    Defining measures, roll-out plan and post-implementation measures to reach the targeted KPIs.

  • Internal Alignment

    Communication of change and creation of urgency with all employees to ensure a holistic adaptation of the new strategy.

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