Synpulse x Thought Machine Operating Requirements Model (STORM)

Synpulse’s product and process excellence combined with Thought Machine’s next-generation core banking engine, Vault, can accelerate your digital banking journey from value proposition to operationalisation.

Are you asking yourself:

  • Are you planning to build a digital bank that can be implemented quickly, efficiently and with substantial cost savings?
  • How do I build a target operating model fit for a digital bank?
  • How can I enhance my organisation’s core banking system?
  • How do I build a cloud native platform that serves a highly digital customer base?
  • How do I build a plan to steer the transformation of my businesses and operations?

What you will get from us:

  • A target operating model and strategy uniquely curated for digital banks of all shapes and sizes with Thought Machine as the core banking system at the foundation
  • A model that outlines 100 baseline processes required to set up a new digital bank, mapped and seamlessly integrated with Thought Machine’s Vault
  • Processes that are designed such that stakeholders across the bank can analyse, adopt and build on top of them effortlessly
  • A 35% reduction in time-to-market compared to a traditional modelling and planning approach, resulting in substantial cost savings
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Our Approach

So that banks can get the best out of Thought Machine’s Vault, Synpulse has Vault-ready engineers and consultants who play key roles from strategy to implementation.

Target architecture with Thought Machine at its core

Thought Machine Graphics TM 2

Synpulse helps banks to define and implement an end-to-end digital banking target enterprise architecture, with Thought Machine at the core.

Together, we adopt a unique ‘city-planning’ approach to facilitate complex transformation projects and achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Thought Machine Graphics TM 3

Key features of STORM:

  • Industralised core banking system implementation process

  • Best-fit solution architectures to uniquely address customer challenges

  • Business-friendly workshop approach

  • Strong governance throughout project lifecycle

  • Reduction in time-to-market savings during implementation

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