Synpulse Temenos Target Operating Model (STTOM)

Every organisation is unique, with specific client needs and platform requirements. Together, we'll define the ideal target operating model (TOM) for your company using Synpulse's BANKINABOX® (BIAB) framework, drawing on decades of industry experience. This tailored TOM will future-proof your operations, enhance agility, and streamline implementation efforts for a smoother transition towards your goals.

Are you asking yourself:

  • What is the right target operating model (TOM) for our organisation?
  • How do I best implement my local requirements in Temenos and comply with local regulation most effectively?
  • What is the right Multi-Entity-Multi-Instance (MEMI) set-up for my organisation that spreads across multiple locations?
  • What does Temenos offer out of the box and how do I leverage it best to meet my needs?
  • How do I best connect my other platform components and fintechs to Temenos?

What you will get from us:

  • TOM vision: Design principles and target state
  • A proposed Temenos solution based on your requirements
  • Analysis of the right MEMI set-up
  • Processes and organisation
  • Partnerships and sourcing
  • Technology and architecture
  • Roadmap
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Our Approach

  • Current state review

    Review TOM vision and strategy, and define the hypothesis for the desired target state.

  • Key stakeholder workshops

    Identify business drivers and future capabilities. Refine blueprint for each relevant dimension and align dimensions.

  • Principles and strategic guidelines

    Define main principles and strategic guidelines. Assess capabilities against target vision then finalise target architecture.

  • Comprehensive evaluation

    Evaluate process and organisation, partnership and sourcing, and technology and architecture.

  • Implementation roadmap

    Create a business case, deduct relevant measures, and define a roadmap for implementation.

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