Target Operating Model for Finance

Our finance Target Operating Model methodology enables the best fit between finance and IT. We focus on strategic, flexible, and people-centered operating model design and implementation, to ensure your success not only today but also in the future.

Are you asking yourself

  • How does our organization manage the alignment between finance and IT?
  • How will our ledgers, finance processes, policies, performance management, people and organization, systems and sourcing need to change with respect to digital transformation?
  • What are the key principles of our finance operation model?

What you will get from us:

  • Setup of Target Operating Model design and guiding principles
  • Blueprints for each aspect of the finance function
  • Documentation of target operating model
  • Business process documentation
  • Business case
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Our Approach

  • Guiding Pricinples

    Definition of design and guiding principles

  • Vision

    Determination of finance vision based on finance processes, policies, performance management, people and organisation, systems and sourcing

  • Blueprint

    Definition of a Target Operating Model blueprint for the finance function

  • Process design

    Determination of target oriented business processes

  • Business Case

    Elaboration of a compelling business case

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