Tokenisation and Smart Contract Development 

With smart contracts, the execution of the terms of a contract can be automated, costs can be reduced and manual, error-prone processes will become obsolete. For example, tokenization allows to create a digital asset on the blockchain that is backed by a real-world asset such as securities, but also non-bankable assets like art.  Find out where to use and how to deal with smart contracts in your organisation to derive maximum benefits by re-designing and digitizing your processes, or by providing access to a whole new range of services and investment opportunities. 

Are you asking yourself:

  • What is the business value of implementing use cases, which for example relate to traditional financial instruments, using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or public blockchains? 
  • How can any type of asset be tokenized in a compliant and efficient way? 
  • What is the architecture required to deploy such use cases? 
  • What are implications of design and technology choices? 

What you will get from us:

  • Development of a customized tokenization strategy and roadmap based on your enterprise architecture and digital assets aspiration 
  • Experienced project team to help you implementing and deploying tokenization services, processes and risk controlling frameworks improving security, efficiency, and compliance 
  • Solidity developers with hands-on project experience 
  • Large network of Ecosystem Partners established around digital assets and tokenization
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Our Solution Design

  • Education

    Train project team and senior management on blockchain technology principles and tokenized finance (e.g. smart contract, tokenization of assets). 

  • Strategic approach

    Analyze your needs and identify the optimal strategy to derive the desired target organization. 

  • Proof of Concepts (POCs)

    Prototype and build a POC to assess feasibility and success criteria as per agreed framework. 

  • Architecture blueprint 

    Provide you with an optimal enterprise architecture while considering different options and its business implications. 

  • Implementation 

    Assist in the full end-to-end implementation from build and integration with legacy systems to commercialization. 

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