Trade and Market Communication Surveillance

Boost the quality and scope of your communication surveillance while reducing manual labour with artificial intelligence enabled technology. Our technology and industry experts guide you through discovering and implementig the next generation of communication surveillance that can reconcile communication and actions to identify high risk cases.

Are you asking yourself

  • Can we reduce the manual labour of tape listening and reviewing by employing artificial intelligence?
  • Are we monitoring all of our banker-client communications?
  • How confident are we in ensuring that our bankers are compliant in all banker-client communications?
  • Is our existing sampling methodology sufficient for risk mitigation?

What you will get from us:

  • Artificial intelligence solution to reduce manual intervention and improve consistent and scope for review
  • Large scale automated monitoring by leveraging data analytics to improve risk coverage
  • Risk insights and oversight dashboards that enabe management to have sufficient oversight on risky hotspots and trends patterns across individuals and teams
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Our Approach

  • Regulatory Assessment

    The existing processes, frameworks, controls and reviews are assessed against regulatory guidelines and internal policies.

  • Best Practices Assessment

    The existing communication control framework is assessed against industry best-practices, gaps are derived.

  • Vision

    Sympulse experts and key stakeholders identify long term goals for communication control framework and provide business case (reduce manual tape listening).

  • Implementation

    Phased implementation approach of artificial intelligence driven surveillance solution and training of existing staff to perform higher value work (i.e. case investigations).

  • Success Tracking

    Implementation is evaluated and periodic tuning and refinement of the implemented solution are performed.

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