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Client onboarding for a pillar 3 savings plan


Automation Challenge

The bank wishes to launch a new online proposition: a pillar 3 savings plan, whose demand surges around the end of the fiscal year. The web-based portal for client onboarding and profiling is not integrated into the core banking system as this cannot be achieved in a timely and cost-effective manner.

RPA Banking Kampagne

The consequences of non-integration were:

  • The bank had to onboard clients manually and temporary staff had to be hired at the year-end to cope with demand
  • Client experience was impeded as there was no feedback in the onboarding process until clients’ physical sets of documents were processed
  • The bank lost opportunities as the pending documents were not visible to the frontline


The client onboarding process was automated in the core banking system with Robotic Process Automation. The robots were then made available to the client onboarding tool via a REST API. During the client onboarding process the robots are invoked to conduct checks and in the end the client application is sent to the work queue where it is assigned to a robot who then executes the product opening work in the core banking system as if it were a normal co-worker.

RPA Banking Kampagne


RPA can be used as the missing link to integrate the core banking system into the outside world if there are no APIs (yet) and system integration would be too slow and costly to realize a minimum viable product (MVP) or justify a business case. The robots work in a safe, controlled and fully auditable environment. They are horizontally scalable and can deal with seasonal swings in demand, avoiding the need to hire, train and monitor temporary staff.



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