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Client asset transfer


Automation Challenge

Throughout the onboarding of clients, assets need to be transferred from the former custodian to the bank. As the transfer instructions from the counterparties are provided by email with an attached semi-structured PDF or SWIFT MT messages copied in, the process still needs to be carried out manually. Inconsistent structure and submission methods result in a lot of manual work and a relatively high error rate, as do their variations from bank to bank.


The robot takes full control of the email inbox and registers inbound requests for asset transfers. Attachments are parsed and then injected into the robot’s work queue. The robots then complete the mass transfer orders in Avaloq and process them to completion.


Faster registration of client assets with reduced error rate, leaving staff more time to focus on meaningful tasks. In the event of incomplete asset master or delayed client opening, the robot automatically defers work and follows up with the exceptions in due course – no asset goes missing or is booked twice.



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