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Why Synpulse

We support the training and development of our employees

We live by the principle of life-long learning: Our AcademyProgram® guarantees on-going training at the highest level. Each employee has 15-30 days of training per year and our Buddy- and Mentor-Concept ensure that each employee receives individual and targeted training.

Open communication and transparency – a high priority

We have an open door policy which knows no boundaries. If help is needed, colleagues are on hand to assist and advise. Mutual support and collegiality are the foundations of fairness and a positive working environment.

From co-worker to friend

It’s not just about work. Excursions and events are an integral part of our company calendar. The Synpulse family grows closer together while skiing, playing chess, or attending the opera. But there isn’t a master plan – ideas are welcome from anybody anytime!

«TOP Company» & «OPEN Company» seal of approval for highly regarded employers

Kununu is a platform that allows its users to anonymously rate employers. Feedback is welcomed not only from employees but also from students and trainees.

Together we set new standards

It’s not only our expertise which makes us stand out; we are also willing to take on responsibility. This includes showing initiative and creativity particularly in difficult situations. We realize our projects with deep commitment and in close cooperation with our clients.

We show initiative, we push our ideas to the max and accept the challenge

We are committed body and soul. Each employee gives his utmost – to the project, to the client, to Synpulse, to his colleagues. We are Synpulse. «Embrace», «Drive», «Achieve» are not only our core values, but our strengths. We embrace the challenge and together we achieve the best possible results.

And there is so much more...

Your local HR contact in the UK:

  • Konrad Niggli
  • Thomas Schaffner
Konrad Niggli
Managing Partner & CEO
 Konrad Niggli
Thomas Schaffner
 Thomas Schaffner

Open Positions

We are always looking for new employees at various levels (university graduates, experienced consultants and specialists). To extend our energetic and motivated team, the following positions are currently being advertised. Please submit your application directly by using the online form. Applications outside of our online-tool will not be considered.

Currently no jobs in this location.


Your Development

Synpulse especially furthers your personal development. It’s not just about feeding brilliant minds knowledge; it’s about helping you develop your talent, to be creative, to learn new things, to work on your strengths and weaknesses and to take on management tasks responsibly. This is achieved at various levels:

An experienced «Buddy» supervises your start at Synpulse.

Many things are new and confusing during the first days in a new company. With a «Buddy» at your side you can quickly« find your feet», get to know the important people, and at the same time someone trustworthy and competent to answer all your questions!

With an experienced Manager as your mentor, you have your own personal career coach.

Show initiative and choose an experienced Manager or Associate Partner as your personal mentor. With him or her you will determine goals and milestones, meet regularly for project debriefings, coaching and to plan next steps. Learn from your mentor’s experience and tips and your career will really gather momentum!

Discuss and assess your performance at quarterly appraisals.

Synpulse has an open feedback culture. A detailed and structured meeting with your line manager every three months provides a platform for extensive feedback on your performance during the past quarter. In these meetings you will also determine your goals for the coming months and have the opportunity to give positive and negative feedback on superiors, your project and the company.

The AcademyProgram® ensures further education and training.

You will be invited to courses on a regular basis in connection with Synpulse’ comprehensive further education program. Course material includes social skills, management and leadership, as well as specialist and methodological know-how. You can find details under AcademyProgram®.

Management Career

At Synpulse you follow a typical consulting career from Associate Consultant or Consultant to Partner. Each career level carries more responsibility in the team, on a project, in sales and within the company.

Expert Career

At Synpulse you have the opportunity of realizing your potential as a domain expert. You take on technical responsibility and develop strategic initiatives for future markets.


The Synpulse AcademyProgram® is an exceptional and comprehensive internal training concept, guaranteeing your continued further education in all career-relevant areas.

L3 = Life-Long-Learning.

From the very beginning, a central goal at Synpulse was the development and advancement of employees. This is why Synpulse has developed a comprehensive and challenging further education and training program. The Synpulse AcademyProgram® puts into practice the motto life-long learning and accompanies a consultant on his or her journey to becoming a partner.

Synpulse makes a substantial investment in further education.

Synpulse invests approximately 10% of its financial and human resources in the AcademyProgram® every year. Each employee spends between 15 and 30 days in training a year. Our employees are our greatest asset and are therefore at the centre of each entrepreneurial decision.

Varied training topics provide a 360° view of financial consulting.

The AcademyProgram® encompasses all the subjects a management consultant in the financial industry could need: industry expertise, IT and methodological know-how, project management and management skills, consulting techniques and interpersonal skills. Training is practical and demands that newly-acquired knowledge is implemented directly.

Project Examples

Replace a global bank’s entire IT system in 36 hours? Challenge accepted!


Companies which grow considerably for many years often have the IT landscape to match. This also applies to banks. When a certain level of complexity is reached however, radical simplification of the system landscape becomes unavoidable, if the business is not to become a victim of its own success.

Our involvement

An international bank requested that Synpulse assist them in consolidating their IT landscape from 32 systems to just six. Daily business, however, should be entirely unaffected by the change. The complete replacement of the system would thus have to be carried out over a single weekend. As systems were in use globally, once the various time zones had been taken into consideration there were only 36 hours remaining for the implementation rather than 48.


Initial analysis involved taking stock of the situation: What data from which system would be integrated into which new application? What types of data and volumes were in question? How long would migration take? Typical work for analysts – result: 21 days. But now the fun started: how could we reduce 21 days to 36 hours? Processes were executed in parallel, non-critical tasks pulled forward, unnecessary operations dropped, hardware and infrastructure enhanced, algorithms optimised… And there it was, after 10 months of preparation we were ready: the bank’s systems were converted and sensitive data migrated and the whole task completed in just one weekend. And the bank’s customers didn’t notice a thing.

Electronic Invoice – How a Swiss health insurer processes 6,000 invoices per hour.


A modern health insurer has to process a vast number of invoices from hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and therapists, all needing payment for their services. However, the insurer can’t simply pay each invoice without first checking it carefully. As this is very time-consuming, and some of the claims are unfounded, automated controlling has a huge impact on the cost structure of the company.

Our involvement

Synpulse assisted the largest Swiss health insurer to replace their existing auditing software with a newly-developed tool. All the framework conditions which influence claims – such as legal provisions, customer-internal guidelines, contractual limits and much more – had to be mapped in logical, automatically-verifiable and easily-maintainable rules. However, the goal wasn’t simply to satisfy legal requirements but also to identify incorrect and implausible invoices, to uncover false claims, to initiate reclamation of payments where necessary, compare invoices with costs approved by the insurer, and last but not least, to trigger prompt payment of the invoice.


The development of the set of rules proved just as complex as expected. At the end of the project, the logic could process more than 10,000 plausibility checks for each of the roughly 6,000 invoices per hour, thus completely automating the majority of invoice auditing. The client now has a high-quality low cost reimbursement system which also benefits policy holders.

Targeted customer contacts – not just How, but also Who


Mutual trust between contracting parties is an excellent basis for business in the B2B environment. Where a contact has already been established, acquisition is considerably easier than where it is first necessary to introduce the company and its products. This also applies to the reinsurance business where insurers purchase reinsurance coverage either directly or via brokers.

Our involvement

Synpulse was asked by a global reinsurance player not only “How do we address a customer?” but also “Who should address the customer?”. If there was already a connection to the customer, be it through other business units or on the basis of professional or personal acquaintances, this could be used to initiate business.


Synpulse enhanced the reinsurers CRM system and linked the customer database to the internal HR database. Using targeted change management, each employee was encouraged to make his or her personal network available to the company. Account managers now have access to the system and the advantage of a familiar face when contacting new customers.

Employee Profiles

«One of the most important principles of success is developing the habit of going the extra mile.» Napoleon Hill

Seven years after joining the firm, I am still amazed by the amount of time and resources Synpulse invests in our personal and professional development. This was one of the main reasons for me to choose Synpulse.

When considering my career options after my studies of Computational Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich, I had offers from some of the biggest brands in management consulting. I joined Synpulse because I was convinced by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit cultivated by the partners and the sense of community I noticed among the consultants. It’s a truly supportive and collaborative environment where everyone is invested in each other’s success.

Since I joined the office in Zurich, I have had the opportunity to work with colleagues around the globe in Switzerland, the UK, Singapore, India, Australia and China. Today, I’m an Associate Partner and Managing Director of our Hong Kong office and responsible for the banking practice in the Greater China region. I not only manage the strategic business and technology transformations for our clients but also aim to get closer to the crux of the decision-making process for steering our growth in the region.

As part of the global Operational Excellence leadership team, I’m empowered to drive our business development to continually sharpen our market positioning and extend our service offering.

Directly after completing my degree in Mathematics at ETH Lausanne, I chose Synpulse as my employer. It was important to me that my first professional experience takes place in a smaller, albeit dynamic, firm that not only allowed for, but rather promoted team work. The possibility to work internationally also significantly influenced my decision.

The welcome I received from Synpulse on my first day exceeded all expectations. I was greatly impressed by the heart-felt greetings and helpfulness of my colleagues. I was able to really get to know not only my colleagues, but also the city of Zurich, through team events and going out after work. It is no surprise then, that I quickly felt a sense of unity within the firm.

Like all new employees, I too, attended the New Employee School during my first month. Through numerous modules I became familiar with the basic knowledge of a consultant. At Synpulse good training and professionalism are indispensable. Therefore, I was provided the opportunity to take further training courses and I was able to get an Avaloq certificate. With such good preparation I was able to start my first project.

After my studies in Business Management, as well as a three-year dual study at a bank, I came into contact with Synpulse. This offered me the possibility to dive into a new, more technical field. I was easily able to overcome my initial skepticism about my ability to perform the unfamiliar tasks, because I could acquire all of the necessary skills through internal and external training. Beyond this, I could always rely on the extensive knowledge of my colleagues, who were always willing to make time to help me.

I was quickly able to take over my own work stream in a large, international implementation project, which I was able to successfully supervise from beginning to end. Here I was able to not only bring in my analytical skills, but also able to try out new ones, such as project planning and team leadership. Again, management was ready to share their knowledge to support me, and together as a large and familiar team we were able to successfully implement the bank’s new system.

Thanks to this experience, as well as numerous extension courses in technical, methodological, and personal fields I, as a senior consultant, have had the possibility to gain increasing responsibilities in large, new projects. I lead two business work streams and work across project streams in order to support the project leader. Little by little I realize how the roles are becoming reversed; I am becoming the contact person for younger colleagues and passing on my own knowledge. Naturally I like to contribute to this process, since I know from personal experience how important it is.

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