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Sales & Customer Management

Digitalization and new customer demands are changing Sales & Customer Management. Customer management takes place along an insurer’s entire value chain. Generating leads, supporting and creating touch points for customer interaction, and measuring and optimizing competencies across channels and domains are all essential success factors in that process.

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«In Sales and Customer Management, all insurers have catch-up potential: on the one hand to compete with start-ups and companies from outside the industry, on the other hand to elevate the value of their manifold customer interactions and -data. We can prove our successful contributions in all areas ranging from retail- to specialized B2B insurers.»

Dennis Block
Associate Partner
 Dennis Block

Integrated Channel Management

Your customers are influenced by new media and their experiences with other providers, be it Amazon, Facebook or their own bank. This leads them to have expectations that present new challenges for your insurance in terms of possible points of contact. A crucial question in this process is how to find the right balance between customer expectations, channel costs, and potential benefits.

As far as your customers are concerned, the priority in dealing with their insurance provider is a) the outcome and b) fast and straightforward access. These expectations apply to all channels. The challenge facing insurers is to make customer interaction a cohesive customer journey, irrespective of the channel. Holistic customer management is highly demanding for strategy, processes, structural organization, and the information technologies employed – in other words, for the entire undertaking.

Integrated channel management is a complex topic that extends to role models, organizational units and incentive systems. That makes it all the more important to choose a structured and pragmatic approach. Synpulse has developed a model that combines many years of practical experience with our latest research findings so that you immediately have a clear overview of where your action areas lie, what needs to be done, and when.

Your Benefits with Synpulse:

  • A clear roadmap to the optimal customer experience with concrete actions
  • A target image with channels cooperating with – not competing against – each other
  • Increased cost efficiency by accounting for the channel costs
  • A customer experience that becomes a differentiating factor

B2B2C Interaction

«Pull not push» is an efficient and innovative way of expanding existing sales channels. Business insurance offers some very good starting points for turning a classical B2B transaction into an upselling opportunity in B2B2C.

Business insurance exhibits few individual risk characteristics. Rates are often based on externally calculable key variables such as type of operation, number of employees, payroll and revenue (except Technical Insurance). In personal insurance, for instance, little is known about the effective, subjective risk of insured persons.

By moving operational and internal processes (e.g. absence management or occupational health management) to portals and apps or by using telematics, an insurer can generate valuable information on effective risk and increase customer interaction.
If it is possible to register sickness absences and inform managers simply and easily using an app, the sickness can be reported to the personal insurance automatically as soon as the waiting time expires without a lot of form-filling. Using telematics in occupational healthcare (workplace and position, employee stress levels, etc.) is also a way of taking a closer look inside an organization. This has the welcome side effect of creating a platform for interaction with the organization, and also with the insured individuals. Knowledge of the collective insurance coverage of the organization makes it possible to identify gaps in individuals’ cover and offer them separate insurance to make up the difference (e.g. 20% supplemental accident insurance to the 80% compulsory under Swiss Accident Insurance law [UVG]).

In this way, an insurance company is able to offer added value on all sides:

  • Simplified processes for insurance companies and insured persons
  • Additional customer data for the insurance company (e.g. absences during the waiting time)
  • Upselling in B2C for the insurance company

Synpulse has identified a variety of possible applications, processes and portal solutions that can be realized on this basis to the benefit of everyone involved.

If you wish to offer your customers and insured persons added value and simultaneously increase your sales opportunities and customer interaction points, we will be more than happy to help you in realizing your project.

Sales Performance Management

A sales executive often feels like a football team coach: Just about everybody thinks they have the answers. Yet as soon as they are confronted with a concrete challenge, opinions on causes and actions start to diverge. When that happens, wouldn’t it be good to have a model to help you get to the bottom of things, quickly and objectively? That is precisely where our FastTrack Framework comes in. It is often not apparent which factors have led to a certain outcome, or what exactly needs to be tweaked to improve performance. What makes finding these things out even more difficult is that the sales side of every insurance company has its very own structures, channels, and processes.

Targets Do Not Solve Problems

What works for one is by no means successful for another. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why, in our experience, only a few insurers have a systematic method for quickly and reliably identifying the most important levers for improving sales performance. Instead they often focus on individual key performance indicators (KPIs), which are passed onto the channels through targets in sales management. But targets do not solve problems.

Clarity Through FastTrack Framework

Sales operate differently in every insurance company, yet they all have to measure up to the same figures. The Synpulse FastTrack Framework takes your individual circumstances into account while also following a standardized procedure that allow us to deliver results quickly and reliably.

Our Framework has been practice-tested and can be applied to many issues relating to sales. It supports you wherever you sense there is a problem, but the solution is not immediately identifiable, e.g. inconsistent performance in the same channel or across all channels, poor customer satisfaction, excessively long lead times, or a lack of process quality.

Practice-Tested Process in Three Easy Steps

The Framework contains six dimensions for analysis of internal factors (organization, processes, finances, products and services) and external factors (market, competition), between which a connection is established. In three easy steps it takes you from a brief analysis to tracing causes to a concrete action plan. The modular structure additionally permits you to proceed in stages.

What This Means for You

  • An objective basis for decision-making, which outsiders can also understand
  • Quick and reliable identification of the major levers for optimization
  • Reducing complexity and only conducting targeted analyses
  • Deriving suitable packages of measures
  • A welcome increase in sales performance

Sales Partners and Account Management

For many insurers, brokerage was chiefly relevant to B2B sales in the past. With new digital players entering the market, B2C may now also be transformed into profitable target segments for brokers. Constant change at the customer interface, in B2C as well as B2B, and increasing numbers of players are forcing insurers to look at management measures for their sales partners.

Segmentation of Sales Partners

Insurers have long been familiar with customer segmentation. External sales partners such as aggregators and brokers must likewise be seen as customers and segmented accordingly. Not every sales partner matches every insurance company or its strategy. Different factors, such as the number of employees, serviced customer segments, sales channels, etc. are relevant to finding the right, valuable end customers.

Broker Management

Like customers, brokers also have to be assessed and tactically reviewed in a broker appraisal at least once a year. Every broker portfolio must be inherently profitable in each sector. If this is not the case, or the broker is not productive in the target customer portfolio, he or she must be shown which risk-reducing, premium-increasing or market-related steps can be taken to meet targets.

Strategic Account Management

Strategic account management is not only used for broker segmentation but also helps to improve efficiency and success in the sales process in B2B (including brokers). It is implemented in four steps:

  • Marketing information (what is the current status/strategy of an account?)
  • Target (what do we want to achieve with this account?)
  • Tactics (what approach do we want to take to reach the set targets?)
  • Action (what specific measures do we want to implement to reach the targets?)

Additional CRM systems assist broker segmentation and account management and can above all support data preparation and documenting measures and interactions.

If you too are looking for more active and more efficient sales partner management and success in the sales process, we have concepts which can quickly help you to achieve sales excellence.

A shift from passive to active broker and sales partner management is the way forward for the future.

Patrick Bühler
Associate Partner
 Patrick Bühler


Successful customer focus and the introduction of CRM along the value chain depend on good, tested specialized concepts for pre-sales and after-sales activities. Good account planning (B2B) or customer and lead management can only reach a high level of effectiveness if integrated policy administration and claims processes are available for the customers.

Along an insurer’s value chain, CRM processes can be divided into the following two main sections:

  • The phase prior to completion of a sale, where the aim is to address and handle focus customers as efficiently as possible during acquisition and arrive at conclusion of a contract with customer value added.
  • The phase following closing of a contract, in which customers are given various points of access and opportunities for interactions so that the customer relationship, information and loyalty can be optimized on an ongoing basis.

Strategic account planning (for B2B insurers), or similarly new customer and lead management (for B2C insurers), is a key success factor for market development. It addresses the following topics:

  • Objectives that should be pursued with the customer
  • The customer’s situation and needs
  • How can we obtain more information about the customer?
  • What solution can create maximum added value for the customer?
  • Which conditions have to be created for successful closing? How do I reach the customer?

Your sales chances can increase substantially through integrated processing and collection of this information with the entire sales force.

Once the customer relationship has been established, the second stage of the CRM process begins. Today’s insurance customers are very demanding when it comes to access to the insurer. After signing a contract, they want to receive the same information in the claims or policy administration process (making a claim, up-selling or cross-selling, information, service), no matter what the medium (mobile, internet, face-to-face). An interdisciplinary view of customers is important here, and a front-end application across multiple products and multiple domains, with connectivity for various technologies, is absolutely essential.

If you too wish to gear your data, information, processes and systems toward your customers and market development, our specialized concepts, implementation expertise and project experience can help you to achieve your goals. With our showcase and process templates, we can significantly accelerate your implementation.


Business life continues to pick up speed and become more complex. That is why, more than ever, good advice today cannot end in strategies and concepts, but must take into account implementation as whole. At Synpulse Management Solutions AG, we combine all of the expertise necessary to translate your requirements into bespoke software solutions and integrate these into your business organization as optimally as possible.

In the following overview, we would like to present some of our offers in detail:


Information about one’s own clients must be compiled, analyzed, and the resulting information prepared in such a way that it offers added value; digitalization and increasing costs — not to mention time pressures — make this process increasingly difficult. Sales organizations need solutions that can be integrated clearly, quickly, and flexibly into the operational and organizational structure.

BusinessRadar is a selection and analysis tool that has been developed continuously in many projects since 2001. The Software Suite already incorporates more than 15 years of expertise from various companies, industries, and countries.

BusinessRadar also affords large sales organizations an end-to-end view of client data, from employee to the Board of Directors, from strategic KPIs to individual data records. By flexibly combining the widest range of modules, BusinessRadar complements existing system landscapes to suit your needs exactly.

What can BusinessRadar do for your business?

  • Quick access to information for thousands of users from specialist departments and management
  • Instant application of analytical findings by means of operative actions
  • Prompt and accurate handling of sales processes
  • Pinpoint allocation of the marketing and sales budget

Broker Relationship Management

In addition to their own (hired) sales organization, many financial services companies are increasingly intent on collaborating with independent brokers. This is in response to the trend that end clients are increasingly asking for advice that is independent of brand and product, with the result that market shares are permanently moving. In addition to an organizational and procedural focus, the professional management of a variety of relationships with existing -- yet also potential -- marketing agents requires proper support from customized software which, not least, also fulfills regulatory requirements.

The Broker Relationship Management solution was developed specifically for the targeted management of relationships between a financial services company and its brokers. It allows internal and external data sources to be flexibly integrated. Individual modules enable specific analysis by the relationship manager alongside recording and evaluating master data, quotes, plans, contact reports, etc. Concrete measures derived from the analysis results can be initiated right from the tool.

What can Broker Relationship Management do for your company?

  • Maintain an intelligent broker register (master data, document management, etc.)
  • Integration of production, stock, and commission data
  • 360° view of your brokers and sales units (segment-specific)
  • Opportunity for ad-hoc performance, potential, and quote analysis
  • Integration of deadline, activity, contact and follow-up management by means of direct access to MS Outlook

Sales Compass

In light of increasing competitive pressures in the financial services industry, the competitive ability of many sales divisions must be increased: this can only be achieved using strategic sales management. Integral elements of such management include dedicated sales planning, a clear commission system, and integrated sales controlling, which provides information in a timely and effective manner. Client and brand-related KPIs must be included in addition to the production-related KPIs, which were used almost exclusively in the past.

The Sales Compass is a sales management and planning system across all sales channels for use by management. Using the solution, all relevant business information, such as production, stock, remuneration, agency, performance, client and cost information, can be made available in real-time in various role concepts. Innovative KPIs and control parameters can be defined directly by the department and immediately updated (online) in the reports.

What can the Sales Compass do for your company?

  • End-to-end control system involving all sales channels and management areas
  • Integration of existing planning and control tools (avoidance of isolated solutions)
  • Corporate guidelines and value orientation displayed in planning and control tools
  • Significant increase in transparency and validity using cockpits and KPI design
  • Efficiency gains as a result of a reduction in process run times, error prevention
  • Compliance with audit integrity and Solvency II requirements


Dr. Dirk Arndt
Executive Director Synpulse Software Solutions

Training Solutions

Banks and insurance companies are subject to constant organizational and technological change. Precisely where major restructuring or launch projects are concerned, professional training is key to success. In «Training Solutions», Synpulse has developed a methodology for mastering these challenges with modern and effective training solutions.

If you are facing the challenge of implementing a major change project in your organization, Synpulse is the ideal partner for your internal communication and training. «Training Solutions» is the methodology we have developed to prepare your organization well in advance for change.

Our first step is to explore with you your communication and training needs. Then we jointly decide on the most suitable training resources. Whenever possible, we use modern tools such as e-learning, webinars and e-classrooms. This gives you maximum effectiveness at minimal cost.

Precisely where international projects are concerned, it is essential that training can take place independent of time and place and that assessment is automated. Traditional training methods often break the agreed budget with the cost of travel alone, which frequentlyoften makes this option unviable.

We employ «Training Solutions» continually and successfully in projects and optimize it on an ongoing basis. Its pragmatic approach and the mix of training resources in particular mean that our clients can tailor the training process to their needs. It also means that we can make adjustments as and when they are required. Our customers additionally benefit from experienced Synpulse project team members, whose expert knowledge and skills from an insurance and banking background make them highly effective in putting together training packages.

«Training Solutions» is an ideal way of meeting a large-scale need for training. Our clients benefit from our many years of expertise. We help you to achieve maximum effectiveness from your training at minimal cost and working with modern tools and resources.

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