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The Drive. The Method. The Goal.

Synpulse is an established, globally active management consulting company and a valued partner to renowned international financial services companies. Since its formation in 1996, Synpulse has offered its clients excellent solutions, enabling them to generate high added value. We support our clients in the whole process from working out strategies and realizing them operationally through to technical implementation.

Our clients deserve the best. Since the quality of consultancy is closely related to the level of education, we invest approximately 10% of our financial and human resources in comprehensive further education as part of our«AcademyProgram®». True to the maxim «Life-Long Learning», the program supports our ambitious consultants on their path to senior consultant, manager, associate partner and partner at Synpulse.

Know Your Goal and You Will Find Your Way.

In close cooperation with our clients we overcome challenges and anticipate changes that may occur in the organization, processes and systems. Leading banks and insurance companies trust in us. A trust which is based on experience and the conviction that Synpulse’ consultants are always able to form teams that are willing to and capable of achieving ambitious goals with expertise and passion.

Hence our mission statement:
«We turn our clients' strategy into a value-creating reality. With expertise.»


Our core values reflect the intrinsic identity of Synpulse. They are motivational for our team and also represent our promise to our clients which we are proud to be known by.


We meet on equal terms.


We inspire with an entrepreneurial spirit.


We turn your challenge into value.

Free to Be Me

What is Free to Be Me about?

Free to Be Me’s mission is to build a safe and trusting (diverse and inclusive) environment that improves employee engagement and supports high-performance growth across the Synpulse community. The Free to Be Me team engages internal staff and external experts that focus on those underrepresented and under served in our society. At Synpulse, we want all members of the Synpulse family to feel free to be who they are and to create an environment that fosters growth, learning and development.

Recent FtBM activities promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at Synpulse:

  • Pride Month Virtual Panel
  • International Women's Day Virtual Panel
  • Black History Month Celebration
  • Lunar New Year Celebration
Click here to find out more about us and our latest activities


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Mission

Synpulse CSR provides a platform where employees can meaningfully engage with the communities around their workplace. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships with local organizations in order to drive social impact beyond our core consulting services. Like many of our clients and peers, we embrace environmental sustainability and community-building in our daily operations - consulting is what we do, helping is who we are. 

Building Beyond Synpulse.

For more information on specific CSR efforts, click here

Team Synpulse USA

What is the Team Synpulse USA about?

Not only do we encourage our staff to engage clients, but also each other. Team Synpulse USA is an expression of our values here at Synpulse, through which we reinforce the importance of teamwork beyond our business and project life.

Our Ambition

As team Synpulse USA, we strive to challenge ourselves by competing in various events ranging from biking and running to rowing and obstacle races. By encouraging our teammates to exit their comfort zone through engaging in new and challenging activities, this initiative serves as a platform to further crystallize the proactive and collaborative culture we pride ourselves on.

We live our values

Embrace: Team Synpulse USA is for everyone, not only experienced athletes. With constant encouragement from your teammates, you can explore new activities and even discover a new passion.

Drive: We deliberately seek out new activities that most have not tried before. Everybody can take on the Captain role to drive a new project forward.

Achieve: Our main goal is to have a great and challenging experience with the crew. But we also want to perform and achieve our goals. As such, we help each other train and develop skills with the goal of achieving something we can all be proud of.

Click here to find out more about us and our latest activities

Management USA

 Ingo Muschick
Ingo Muschick
Partner & Managing Director US
 Marcel Lötscher
Marcel Lötscher
Partner & Managing Director US

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