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Summer Event 2020

Pro Bono Consulting in a Virtual World

Synpulse USA’s dedication to CSR does not stop in a virtual world. For the CSR Summer Event in August 2020, Synpulse’s New York team successfully leveraged digital volunteering opportunities with the organization Catchafire to provide pro bono consulting services to three mission-driven organizations. 

We helped Black Girls Code organize a virtual Hackathon, optimized the time tracking of Watershed Watch Salmon Society, and gave a virtual training to the African Entrepreneur Collective.

Synpulse CSR is going full speed to achieve our goal of driving social impact beyond our core consulting services. Like many of our clients and peers, we embrace environmental sustainability and community-building in our daily operations - consulting is what we do, helping is who we are.


Good for Me. Good for My City.

Synpulse is an Official Partner of the Good for Me. Good for My City. 2020 Campaign

Synpulse US is happy to announce its official partnership with the NYC Mayor’s office through their service initiative Good for Me. Good for My City. As one of 21 partners for 2020, Synpulse US has pledged between 5 to 30% of their employees to volunteer engagement at local community-based organizations within the calendar year. Approximately 15,000 employees from partnering businesses are expected to volunteer in 2020 on a wide variety of projects, including COVID-19 relief.  

Ongoing engagements between the Mayor’s office and Synpulse include the annual Secret Snowflake event that employees participate in every December. For more information on this pledge, please visit NYCService


Spring Event 2020

Synpulse Responds to Covid-19 with Care

As a response to the mounting crisis of Covid-19 in New York, Synpulse USA organized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event to support medical workers. Employees sent care packages to Emergency Room and Urgent Care Unit medical workers at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens/NY. The care packages included employees’ hand-written notes of appreciation, comforting snacks, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Furthermore, Synpulse added to the CSR impact by offering an additional monetary contribution to a First Responders Fund, which helps New Yorkers at the front lines of the crisis.

Winter Event 2019

Secret Snowflake Gift Wrapping

The 4th Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event of 2019, Secret Snowflake, culminated on December 11th, with a holiday themed, gift wrapping gathering in the office.

This is our second year in a row participating in Secret Snowflake, a program run by the Mayor’s Office in conjunction with NYC Service, that aims to make the holiday season special for children and families in need in New York City. Secret Snowflake mobilizes mayoral and private sector employees to answer hand-written letters for holiday gifts from children in-need. This year Synpulse supported children and youth served by the Department of Homeless Services (DHS). Ten Synpulsians volunteered to support 16 children living in shelters or temporary housing with their holiday wish list. The children ranged in age from 1 month old to 16 years old and requests included clothing, diapers, pajamas, board games, books, movies, and toys. The US management team generously offered to match all employee contributions. This means we were able to support an additional 16 children from DHS, thus bringing some holiday cheer to a total of 32 children! We gathered on the 11th to wrap gifts, enjoy some wine and eggnog, and celebrate the giving spirit alive at Synpulse. 

Fall Event 2019

Thanksgiving Food Drive

In October, twenty-eight Synpulse New York consultants participated in the 3rd Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event of 2019–a Thanksgiving-themed food drive. 

The New York team partnered with New York Common Pantry(NYCP), a community organization providing food to over 2,000 in-need families every week. Over four weeks, the Synpulse New York team collected five bags of food weighing more than 250 pounds. The office celebrated the success of the drive with a potluck lunch.

Summer Event 2019

Central Park Run/Walk with Achilles Athletes

On the balmy evening of Tuesday the 30th of July an intrepid group of Synpulsians from the New York office set out for Central Park to participate in our 2nd Corporate Social Responsibility event of the year. 

Upon our arrival we met up with a delegation of athletes from the NYC Chapter of Achilles International. Achilles International is an organization whose mission is to provide an environment of support and community allowing able bodied volunteers and disabled runners to come together and train. Achilles athletes battle various mental or physical disabilities which means each athlete has a different pace and guidance requirements.  As such, we all finished the loops of Central Park at different times, but by our best estimation Synpulsians and their Achilles athletes ran about 24 miles (38 Kilometers for our European colleagues) in 90 degree (33⁰ Celsius) heat! All told it was a truly wonderful experience, bringing together people who would not have met otherwise. Sanya Thapa, Consultant, sums up the event perfectly "I have run in Central Park many times and never knew that Achilles NYC had such a great program. The athlete I ran with was wonderful and I also really connected with my colleagues. I am grateful for these types of events that are both fun and rewarding."

Spring Event 2019

Hudson River Sweep

On the Morning of Saturday, May 4th, a group of Synpulse consultants from the New York office got their hands dirty and participated in the Hudson River Sweep event organized by Riverkeeper. This event was about cleaning up waste along the shores of the Hudson River. 

Riverkeeper is an NGO whose mission is to protect the environmental, recreational and commercial integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries and safeguard the drinking water of nine million New York City and Hudson Valley residents. Eight  Synpulse  employees  contributed  a  collective  16  hours'  worth  of  volunteering  time  and  gathered  6-7  bags worth of trash in total. Shuchen Lin, Manager, said, “Styrofoam pieces, plastic bottles, and a single flip flop slipper were a few items I picked up along the Hudson River bank. With the Riverkeeper organization, there is hope for the continued recovery of the Hudson River –one less Styrofoam piece at a time.”

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