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'Tis the Season to Give Back


Secret Snowflake: Our Winter Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Everyone should experience the magic the holiday seasons holds, which is why Secret Snowflake was created. Secret Snowflake, a program run by the Mayor’s Office in conjunction with NYC Service, aims to make the holiday season special for children and families in need.

This year, Synpulse partnered with The New York City Department for the Aging (DFTA). DFTA funds community-based organizations throughout the five boroughs to provide essential services for seniors, including hot meals and activities at senior centers, home-delivered meals, case management, home care, transportation, legal services and caregiver services. For Secret Snowflake, we worked with seniors who are charged with the responsibility of their grandchildren on a fixed income.

So how does Secret Snowflake work? NYC Service collects letters from children and families aided by city agencies then match volunteers with a child or children. Volunteers then receive a letter from the child/children stating their hobbies, interests, clothing size, and items they need and wish for!

Rather than just bring in gifts, we decided to take it up a notch and have a Synpulse Secret Snowflake gift wrapping event. Our team got together, shared food, drinks, laughs and got to wrapping. The whole evening had a great spirit to it, and we were all exited to share what we got for the children — we hope they are just as excited opening the gifts!

«When I read the letter and saw that the girl I am sponsoring wanted something called LOL dolls, my first thought was....what? But I quickly learned that LOL dolls are an entire world of collectible dolls that come with their own accessories! Hundreds of combinations with various spin offs (my favorite being the LOL doll pets), I spent hours learning about the world of LOL dolls. It was a great way to spend a Thursday evening.»

-Mary Chun

Synpulse Secret Snowflake

Secret Snowflake has helped bring smiles to countless children in the New York City area. It’s through the eagerness to help, camaraderie and continual generosity of the NYC residents that prove Secret Snowflake is much more than just buying a gift; it’s showing children in need that they are cared for and thought of. Through our participation, we hope we were able to bring extra happiness and joy to these children and families during the holiday season.

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