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Top FinTech Solution Provider


Synpulse has been named a Top FinTech Solution Provider by Banking CIO Outlook!

For the past few months Banking CIO's selection panel, which included CEOs, CIOs, VCs and the magazine’s editorial board, has evaluated hundreds of FinTech Solution providers based on their ability to assist Financial Institutions in overcoming the FinTech challenges. To help the Financial Institutions in selecting vendors that offer the most innovative solutions, Banking CIO Outlook compiled a list of the Top FinTech Solution Providers of 2018. Keep reading for a preview of our article, but be sure to click the link below to read the full feature in Banking CIO Outlook (page 32).

Guiding Financial Firms Through Digital Transformation
An excerpt from out full feature in Banking CIO Outlook

A host of different factors are subtly but distinctly changing the way financial organizations operate. Digitalization is bringing customer expectations to a new level by providing digital tools that offer cutting-edge services. Meanwhile, new regulatory frameworks—which aim to make the financial sector more resilient are proving to be increasingly complex - forcing banks to transform banks’ business models, operations, and infrastructure. Further, open banking, an approach that uses open APIs to enable third-party developers to build applications and services that drive speed and cost-effectiveness, is driving a need for increased security and structure for the transfer of data.

Effectively addressing all of these interrelated challenges, Synpulse, an internationally recognized management consulting company, supports banks and insurers along the entire value chain. The company’s know-how and best practices focus on three core competencies: Regulatory and Compliance, Digital Banking, and Operational Excellence. Within these areas of expertise, Synpulse has experience helping clients from the development of strategies and their operative realization to technical implementation and handover. «With our intimate knowledge of the latest digitalization trends, expertise in process optimization, operational intelligence, and a proven track record in the implementation of banking technology, we help financial organizations leverage digital developments to their advantage,» begins Raphael Bianchi, Partner at Synpulse.

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