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Swiss Ambassador Brings Congressional Delegation to Synpulse USA


Delegation Chooses Synpulse to Learn about Digital Transformation and US Culture in the Financial Services Industry

New York, NY: On April 10th, Synpulse hosted a Swiss congressional delegation at the company’s Manhattan office. Led by Christa Markwalder and hosted by Ambassador and Consul General André Schaller, the delegation arrived for this part of their US visit with the objective of gaining a better understanding of a midsized Swiss company’s experience in the US and how Synpulse has managed to successfully establish itself locally as a leader in digital transformation.

The morning began with a dive into Synpulse’s overall strategy, partnerships and projects, led by Managing Directors Mathias Hausherr and Marcel Lötscher. Prominently featured was a look at the US office, its beginnings and growth over the years from a two-person pilot location to an office of over 30 with the ambition of reaching 100 full time employees by 2020.

In the following segment, Marcel delved into the insurance practice, while Mathias showcased banking. Both focused on Synpulse’s strategy of bringing the latest in process and technology to help financial services companies grow and make their businesses more efficient. One big topic was how Synpulse has leveraged partnerships with innovative technology companies to bring novel solutions to clients. This strategy aims to take products with significant technological power and build custom solutions to directly address a client’s pain points. By concentrating on the financial industry, Synpulse quickly has been able to quickly understand how these technologies can be most effectively utilized. This focused approach as a bridge between business and technology, coupled with vast industry expertise, was noted by the delegates as a sound strategy to create openings in a highly competitive US consulting market.

Some specific examples of various projects helped provide further context about the execution of Synpulse’s strategy. Marcel detailed work in the Life insurance industry and how Synpulse has helped clients to create more customer centric solutions. This included a demo of a technology platform that can help life insurers streamline the application process through facial recognition. With only a customer’s headshot, this technology is able to accurately discern the customer’s gender, age and smoking status, allowing a life insurer to make data-driven decisions without burdening the customer with a doctor’s visit.

This impressive technology was followed by Michael Marinaccio, one of Synpulse’s Enterprise Data Insights team members, who gave an overview of Synpulse’s Data Insight products, which are realized through a partnership with Zürich-based company Squirro. Michael demonstrated how Synpulse is crafting custom solutions for clients on the Squirro platform. These use cases ranged from aggregating and enriching enterprise data, making an under-utilized resource meaningful, to leveraging Squirro’s machine learning-based recommendation engine to point clients to the next best action.

In the midst of everything discussed, the more personal experience of a Swiss company in the US was not forgotten. Synpulse consultant Mary Chun closed the session with a presentation on what drew her to an international company like Synpulse, and moreover, the personal growth, challenge and distinct culture that have kept her here. Mary also discussed some points regarding the cultural differences between the US and Switzerland, including some of the challenges and lessons learned over the past few years.

Ms. Markwalder was given the last word for the day. In her closing remarks, she discussed how the Swiss congress’s work has featured the transmission of data across borders and striking a balance between innovation and privacy. This made the discussions pleasingly relevant for herself and her colleagues, in addition to the insight gained from hearing the Synpulse success story from a US perspective.

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