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Swiss FinTech Pitch Night


Expert Panel Advises Emerging Swiss FinTech Companies

Every year Venturelab, a Swiss organization helping startups grow, selects 10 emerging FinTech startups to come to New York through their Venture Leaders program. This year, swissnex in New York, Synpulse and Appway teamed up to host a panel discussion during one of the events known as Pitch Night.

The panel was made up of experts including Lukas Hohl, Associate Partner at Synpulse Management Consulting, Jorge Vidal, Head of Sales & Channels Management, Americas Appway, Yasmin Omrani, Engagement Lead & Innovation Specialist Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs and moderated by Oliver Haugen, Head of swissnex in New York.

As we all know, the FinTech industry is responsible for creating new and innovative ideas across the financial services industry. The disruption of technology in the financial services industry is nothing to fear, though some still do. In this interactive discussion, the experts explained how and why it is beneficial to embrace this new era and run with it. An interesting question that was brought up was when a new startup comes to town and they are trying to sell themselves to a large bank institution, how does one convince these people to work with you? It’s not as simple as creating a great product or service that works. The answer lies within making them comfortable with what you are selling. If they are not 110% comfortable with the ins and outs of your software, chances are they won’t want to take the risk of working with you.

Following this panel discussion, the startups had their chance to make that hard sell and get the audience and judges comfortable with their companies and solutions - it was pitch time.

Think of the show Shark Tank. A person has one chance to pitch their idea to investors, no time for mistakes. This is how Pitch Night was, except instead of Mark Cuban judging, we had experts in the FinTech space such as Yasmin Omrani from the Deutsche Bank Innovation Lab, and instead of pitching just anything, they were pitching their startup companies. Though all the pitches and companies were innovative and have the ability to succeed, Sandro Schmid came out on top with his start-up AAAccell, a leading Swiss quantitative FinTech in Risk - and Asset Management.

Congratulations to all of the start-up FinTechs who were a part of this; below, we have provided a full list of the companies involved should you want to learn more and follow their progress.

3rd-eyes: Rodrigo Amandi

AAAccell: Sandro Schmid

Apiax: Nicolas Blanchard

ARCATrust: Khaled Ouafi

Enterprise Bot: Pranay Jain

IMburse: Oliver Werneyer

Investment Navigator: Alberto Rama

Shift Devices: Dario Duran

Switzerlend: Florian Kuebler

Tradeplus24: Ben James

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