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Synpulse Celebrates Earth Day


Growing Fresh Vegetables with Mad Fun Farms

On the morning of Saturday April 21st, a group of Synpulse consultants from the New York office got their hands dirty in a community improvement project in East Harlem, helping to revitalize a garden and nature path that serves the community living there.

East Harlem, also known as Spanish Harlem or El Barrio, is a historically underserved neighborhood in Upper Manhattan in New York City. Social issues such as the city's highest jobless rate, childhood obesity, and an asthma rate five times the national average have plagued the area for decades. One of the key solutions that improves health, employment, and infrastructure is urban farming.

Earth Day 2018

In honor of Earth Day 2018, Synpulse-USA employees participated in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event on an urban garden called Mad Fun Farm with Concrete Safaris in East Harlem. The goal was to transform the urban farm from a winter site for refuse and dried leaves into a stunningly clean garden with fresh seeds for spring.

Synpulse participated in a rigorous garden maintenance activities including raking leaves, planting vegetables, spreading mulch, picking up trash, and weeding. Although these activities are often provided in wealthier parts of town by residential building managers, the Public Housing plots do not have the resources to keep the area clean and volunteer commitment is needed. Derik Cho, Consultant said, "Hearing about what the neighborhood is like was an emotional shock."

Social Impact

The impact of Synpulse volunteerism will tangibly improve the health, nutrition, and environmental aesthetic of East Harlem. By planting eggplant, chard, and other vegetables, volunteers contributed to the growth of 4,000 pounds of fresh food that is annually harvested and distributed to local families on Mad Fun Farm.

Furthermore, the event boosted team morale and kicked off Synpulse's commitment to CSR in 2018. Felix Gniza, Manager, said, "It's the right thing to do, to give something back. I will always join the company in participating in these kinds of activities. We also did work that has an impact. Given the context of the environment of East Harlem, you can see that it is important."

The event contributed to Synpulse's mission of transforming strategy into value-creating reality, and marks the first in a series of upcoming events dedicated to mission-driven work.

Team Synpulse gathers at Mad Fun Farms for a day of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Felix Gniza starts the project by clearing leaves and making a plan

    Yuan Tian prepares the soil for planting by removing weeds and loosening dirt

    Some recently planted collard greens show the potential for growth

    Team Synpulse recaps the days activities and enjoys its hard work

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