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Synpulse Team Rafting 2018


Overcoming Obstacles through Teamwork

On the weekend of May 5, a team of Synpulse consultants traveled from New York City to Upstate New York to conquer Lake George's white water rapids and other unexpected challenges. Much like project work, the team was able to push through complications through teamwork and communication.

Two hours into the Friday evening drive, a powerful storm began barreling through upstate New York. Radio messages from state officials urged travelers to remain cautious. Dark skies and unrelenting downpour of rain slowed the caravan of cars to a turtle's pace. Strong winds swayed cars side to side as if they were small boats in the ocean. Although the storm was intense, it traveled quickly. The eye of the storm was quickly behind the team's path so the team decided that it was safest to proceed cautiously instead of turning back.

As the group entered the quaint village of Lake George, it was completely dark. Not one road light was lit as the storm had completely wiped out power for the evening. Entire trees and other natural debris had fallen from the storm, transforming the road into an unwanted obstacle course. By this time, the team had long missed its dinner reservations due to unexpected delays. After slowly navigating the obstacles of debris, the team finally could go no further as state police closed the road due to a loose power line. Luckily, this happened a near the evening’s lodging and the team was able to safely make it to the parking lot. As the team settled in for the evening it remained positive even in the face of these unexpected challenges.

In the morning, the team was awarded with some of the best rapids in Lake George's history! After last year's white water rafting trip, the team had declared it was ready for larger rapids – and the Hudson delivered! Due to the storm, water on the river was at an all-time high. This forced the team to learn to paddle in unison and communicate in order to conquer Class 4+ rapids; some being 8 feet tall! Along the way, the group stopped to rescue a stranded canoer, which emphasized the guide's warning that big water was no joke. Through the day, the team worked together to push through the rapids without losing a member or having the boat capsize. All in all, the group succeeded and survived, making the day another memorable Team Synpulse event.

Team Synpulse using teamwork to survive the rapids on its 2018 rafting trip

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