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Brooklyn Half Marathon 2017

We go the distance, again!

October 14, 2017

For the second year, Team Synpulse USA set out to embrace, strive and tackle the Brooklyn Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon once again!!

With high energy and strong spirits Team Synpulse USA is prepared to conquer the rigid 13.1-mile course, yet again. We are also proud to say that our team size has tripled since 2016!

Extremely ambitious and enthusiastic Team Synpulse USA joined together early Saturday morning on October 14th, 2017 in Brooklyn NY, to take on the Rock n’ Roll Marathon. Despite the rain, all athletes were ready to undertake the 13.1- mile run with perseverance and great endurance. As soon as the day broke and the drizzle from the rain began to fade, fellow team mates continued to cheer each other on during the 2 hour long demanding personal endeavor.

True to the character of Synpulse and its US practice, racers finished strong overcoming the final hurdle, a three mile incline up to the finish line. At last, ending the day in Brooklyn’s beautiful prospect park. we all met at the Finisher’s Festival for the post-race concert and much needed refreshments.

White Water Rafting

The Hudson’s Wild Side!

April 15, 2017

Team Synpulse USA took on 17 miles of rushing rapids in near-freezing water to experience firsthand the wild side of the Hudson river.

On a beautiful Spring evening, Team Synpulse USA met in Hoboken, NJ to drive up to Lake George, NY for a white-water rafting adventure. After battling intense traffic, the team left behind the hustle and bustle of New York City and entered the tranquility of upstate New York. They spent a wonderful evening at a classic American bar and grill, enjoying a delicious meal and local beers. With a full belly, the team rested up for the next day, thinking “so far so good.”

That optimism was short-lived as the next morning the team woke up to freezing 30 ̊F temperatures and saw patches of snow and ice on the river along the way to the starting point. At this moment, some may have questioned the sanity of what they were about to do. However, Team Synpulse USA was not easily discouraged. With bright smiles and high spirit, they posed for photos in their wetsuits and full rafting gear, ready to take on whatever the river had in store for them.

Down the river, the first half was relatively mild with only class 1 or 2 rapids. However, after lunch, the rapids picked-up as the team was challenged with class 3 and 4 rapids. Each member paddled with all their might, as they flew over waves with their paddles barely touching the water. Wave after wave of icy cold water hit the raft, soaking even the guide at the back. The two front paddlers took on most of the force. Amazingly no one fell into the water, although some came very close. One team member went flying at one point, but thankfully still landed inside the boat. The topic of life insurance arose at one point but was quickly squashed under the next series of waves. After three hours of high adrenaline rush, Team Synpulse USA completed all 17 miles of wild waters and enthusiastically declared that they are ready to take on class 5 rapids in their next adventure!

Brooklyn Half Marathon

Synpulse Rocked!

October 8, 2016

Taking on 13.1 miles, Team Synpulse USA dashed to the finish line of the Brooklyn Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

After months of training, during the early hours on a brisk fall Saturday morning, Team Synpulse USA braved the streets of Brooklyn for the grueling Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. As a friendly internal rivalry, race participates fought for personal records. After enduring 13.1 miles of pain the Team met for a post-race celebration to reflect on the accomplishment and of course rehydrate.

Dragon Boat Races

The Dragon is released!

August 6, 2016

With no shortage of team spirit and energy, Team Synpulse USA tackled its first Dragon Boat race on Meadow Lake in the beautiful Corona Park in Queens, NY

Awoken at the crack of dawn, all 12 Synpulse Dragon Boat athletes made the journey to Queens to prepare for the first race at 9am on Saturday August 6th 2016. The first heat involved a 250-yard dash across the lake, where Synpulse was pitted against two boat clubs, UPS and the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). From the beginning, the pace was high and we were on track for 3rd place, but our lack of experience led us to ease up on paddling before clearing the finish line, resulting in a disappointing 0.9 second gap behind the bronze-medal winner. What a bummer!

Recovering from the first race, the athletes relaxed in the shade for the afternoon, playing engaging team-based card games and enjoying the various foods offered by the numerous vendors at the event. Finally, it was time for the second heat in the late afternoon - a staggering 500 yards!

Moments after re-entering the water, a light trickle of rain rapidly escalated to a heavy tropical thunderstorm, which forced us to return from the starting line back to the boat house. Thankfully, with similar suddenness, the storm blew over, allowing the race to continue. Team Synpulse succeeded in achieving 3rd place after an impressive display of rhythm, power, pace and stamina.

The combination of highly motivated and engaged colleagues alongside supportive significant others resulted in a great day out in Queens; one that helped instill the values of hard work, teamwork, and the willingness to try something different. We will definitely come back next year!

Dragon Boat Races

The Dragon is preparing!

July 21, 2016

Under the burning sun of the East Coast, with temperatures in the 90s, Team Synpulse USA got the rhythm from paddling an 20 feet dragon boat over Lake Meadow in Queens/NYC.

Synpulse @ Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York

Team Synpulse USA prepares for the
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York

Not knowing what to exactly expect, seven team members joined the first training session to prepare for the HONG KONG DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL IN NEW YORK. After the first phase of getting familiar with a swaying boat and avoiding to paddle like Pocahontas, the team emerged to a synchronous and fast-paced machine. Tired but happy after 60 minutes of interval sessions and technical workouts, we ended up with the conviction that we will be a serious competitor on August 7th.

You bet that everyone was thirsty after that performance, so some isotonic hydration at the bar rounded up a great Sunday early afternoon.

Spartan Race

This is Sparta!

June 18, 2016

Spanning over 5 miles of trails snaking up and down the Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center in Tuxedo, NY, Team Synpulse USA pushed their limits to the extreme in a Spartan Race.

On a beautiful Saturday morning in spring, two team members set off on the grueling race through mud, water, trails, and nearly 20 obstacles; some of which included scaling 8-foot walls, crawling under barbed wire through mud and gravel, and carrying massive buckets of stones up and down hills. The race concluded with a heroic leap over flames immediately preceding the finish line.

Although they departed battered and bruised and caked with mud, Team Synpulse USA unanimously decided that this surely will not be their last Spartan Race.

Basketball Tournament

Tip-off for Team Synpulse USA!

June 12, 2016

On a hot June Sunday in Central Park, the first Synpulse USA Basketball Tournament commenced.

In a great atmosphere with incredible views of the New York skyline, the first Synpulse USA Basketball Tournament was held. Four teams, totaling 30 players, met on the black top for fun, exercise and bragging rights. Three Synpulse teams and a fourth team made up of Appway employees fought vigorously for a chance to be the tournament champions. The US employees sported their Team Synpulse apparel while our Synpulse partners wore specialized Knicks shirts.

Despite our professional appearance, strong will, and team spirit all Synpulse teams fell short of claiming victory. A special thanks and congratulations to our business partner, Appway, for providing a tough challenge and ultimately securing the tournament title until next year.

The teams gathered for a celebratory drink afterwards to mark the start of a new Synpulse tradition. Team Synpulse USA looks forward to a rematch in 2017 after a year of hard training

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