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Best Solutions & Integration Adviser 2016


Synpulse Best Solutions and Integration Advisor – 2 Years in a Row

Competing with 100 submissions across 16 categories - Synpulse emerged as the winner of the Best Solutions & Integration Advisor for the second consecutive year

Synpulse put its best foot forward in the past year by serving as an autonomous advisor offering bespoke target operating models (TOM) to private banks undergoing operational changes during acquisitions. The complexities involved in successfully completing an acquisition deal are not unknown. Signing the deal is just the start of a long process towards a successful transition and technology plays a key role in ensuring effective integration.

«The financial service industry is undergoing extensive changes – banks and insurance companies are re-defining their business strategies and the way they operate in the future», says Yves Roesti, Partner & Managing Director at Synpulse, Singapore.

Synpulse applied its standardized best-practice model- BANKINABOX® at various global banks allowing consistent and fast analysis, design and realization as well as facilitating numerous private banking acquisitions and technology initiatives. BANKINABOX® has enabled early elimination of redundancies, thorough communication and stakeholder involvement, timely product alignment, and lower operating costs due to an integrated application landscape.

«A state-of-the-art operating model does not only enable the platform to grow the business, but it also shelters it from market pressures. Efficiency, flexibility and innovation are key ingredients in today’s reality and as such at the core of how we consult – daily» says Salomon Wettstein, Associate Partner & Managing Director of Hong Kong.

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