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Keeping our quality promise to clients


Quality first: how Synpulse goes on keeping its promise to clients.

Clients have come to expect Synpulse to deliver quality – it’s at the very heart of our brand promise. As we continue to grow and expand, we have to work even harder to keep delivering on this promise. How are we rising to the challenge?

In recent years Synpulse has grown from a local Swiss company to an enterprise operating globally with subsidiaries across the world. We promise our clients high levels of quality, and it’s something they’ve rightly come to expect. To make sure we continue to keep this promise as we expand, the Quality+ team at Synpulse has developed concrete mechanisms to help us improve on an ongoing basis.


Quality doesn’t happen by chance. People need to know how the organization defines quality and the importance of quality, and how it goes about delivering it to clients. Our main efforts to further increase quality awareness within Synpulse center around stepping up our overall presence on social media and making quality an even more integral component of basic and ongoing staff training. If we fill the minds of employees with Synpulse’s idea of quality and get them to really live and breathe it, our clients will be the first to benefit.

Lessons Learned

There’s no lesson like experience! Our aim is to create an environment where our people are empowered to reflect openly on situations where things didn’t go according to plan. Individual self-reflection is good, but having a team that can reflect is even better. That’s why Synpulse encourages and motivates project teams to talk openly about how things have gone and learn from their experience.

Client Feedback

Improving doesn’t just involve thinking about your own actions. Reflection is even more powerful if you take other people’s feedback on board. For this reason we actively seek additional input from our clients in the form of satisfaction surveys. So if you’re already a Synpulse client, watch out for client surveys coming your way!

Continuous Improvement

Our basic quality equation is very simple: Awareness + Lessons Learned + Client Feedback = Continuous Improvement. This is a lean, ongoing improvement loop. Through improved awareness, Synpulsians know what quality means and how important it is. Through lessons learned, they learn how to adapt and evolve within a project team, and participate in a culture where there’s open discussion and development on the basis of experience. And thanks to feedback questionnaires, we get an immediate response on how we’re doing from the people it all revolves around in the first place: our clients.

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit”

Would you like to talk more about Quality+? You can reach us directly, using the contact details below.

Raphael Jung
Senior Advisor
 Raphael Jung
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