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Synpulse Hackathon


Synpulse launches 2nd hackathon & participates at PolyHack 2017

First, Synpulse teams from around the world worked overtime by participating in our second global Hackathon. Second, Synpulse was one of the official sponsors at this year’s PolyHack 2017.

Synpulse was coding away through a marathon these last few days

Fueled by caffeine and pizza, Synpulse consultants and developers spent 24 hours developing several creative tech projects. These include a range of exciting technologies and use cases, from voice-to-text analytics and virtual assistants to cognitive search dashboards and enterprise knowledge management.

The Synpulse Hackathon was an excellent opportunity to blend dynamic teamwork and innovative thinking – two of Synpulse’s strengths. An international jury is about to evaluate the teams and their results. The jury consists of: Yves Roesti (Synpulse Partner SG), Christoph Nützenadel (Synpulse Partner CH and CEO), Raphael Bianchi (Synpulse Partner CH), Ingo Muschick (Synpulse Partner CH), Dirk Arndt (Profect GmbH Managing Partner) and Dennis Flad (Arevos Managing Director). The participating teams will be awarded with funding for a team event of their choice.

Check the Twitter hashtag #hacksyn to see more photos of the teams working through the night to get their products over the line in time.

We can’t wait to see what the teams will develop next year!

Polyhack 2017 - Chance of winning an all-inclusive Management Consulting Workshop

Synpulse not only embraces their own employees to build creative solutions that help achieve our customers' goals, we also support external talents to focus their drive for digitalization, as seen at this year’s PolyHack 2017, where Synpulse was one of the official sponsors.

Polyhack 2017 is a two-day business-hackathon organized by TELEJOB, hosted at ETH Zürich. Teams could apply and start creating a tool which makes it simple and pleasant to contact their future boss, to present their best possible qualification and to learn about their dream position. They challenged the future of digital recruiting and created a new solution during the PolyHack hackathon. One of the successful teams will be offered an all-inclusive Management Consulting Workshop at Synpulse's newly launched office in Bratislava, where one of our software development teams is based.

Exciting times for coders these days. Stay tuned for the results!

Below you'll find some pictures from #hacksyn and PolyHack2017.

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