Effective API Security for Financial Services – A Synpulse and Aiculus Collaboration

Synpulse has collaborated with Aiculus, a cybersecurity firm specialising in API security, to design API security architecture frameworks for digital banks. In light of recent API breaches, this eBook highlights some crucial aspects of effective API security.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become an indispensable component of organisations’ technology stacks. They serve as a vital link, facilitating a seamless connection between different systems and enabling customers to interact with the organisations’ services. The importance of APIs has witnessed remarkable growth, making them a crucial element for organisations that leverage their capabilities.

Problem with the current API security

Many companies rely on a single layer of API security, typically using a web application firewall and an API gateway. However, this traditional approach is no longer effective, as recent statistics show that over 80% of API attacks occur beyond this initial defence. This highlights the need for a more comprehensive security strategy.1

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How we can help

Through a dynamic collaboration between Synpulse and Aiculus, we offer a comprehensive approach to empowering clients in API security and beyond. Aiculus has solidified its position as a leading visionary in API security, exemplified by their pivotal role in shaping API security monitoring guidelines for a regulatory body in Southeast Asia. This achievement stands as a testament to their innovation and influence within the region. By synergising Aiculus’ deep expertise in data privacy and their innovative, cost proportional pricing model with Synpulse’s extensive experience in holistic business solutions, we provide a unique value proposition that not only safeguards operational API systems but also ensures a proactive stance against breaches. Together, our combined efforts create a robust alliance dedicated to prioritising data privacy, preventing vulnerabilities, and driving unparalleled security standards for our clients.

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