Synpulse Expert Talk UiPath "We Make Robots so People Don’t Have to Be Robots. We Reboot Work."

David Steiger (Head Operational Excellence at Synpulse Switzerland) talked with UiPath Switzerland’s Chris Binkert (Managing Director) and Mark Schuster (Channel Alliance Manager) about automation in the healthcare, government, and financial sectors and why it makes it easier to adapt to drastic developments such as COVID-19.

UiPath supports its customers with individual automation solutions. Their motto is "Reboot Work." It’s not about deciding between human or machine. It’s about finding the best way for humans and machines to interact. "Our vision is to make different forms of cooperation possible", is how Mark Schuster describes his company’s vision of innovation.

We don’t want to decide between humans and machines. We’re looking for the ideal way of connecting humans and machines

Mark Schuster, Channel Alliance Manager, UiPath Schweiz

One division of work, many benefits

The main goals Swiss companies pursue with UiPath are improvements in quality, reductions in error rates, and time-savings − in other words, minimizing expense. "At the end of the day we want our customers to have more fun at work and better levels of employee satisfaction", says Mark Schuster.


How is COVID-19 affecting UiPath and its customers?

"For us it’s become routine to communicate primarily digitally, both within the company and with our customers", says Chris Binkert. He’s surprised how quickly people have adapted to the situation and its constraints.

Without exception, customers and staff accept the fact that UiPath uses phone conferences and collaboration tools even for difficult or creative discussions. On the one hand COVID-19 has led to certain delays, as customers reorient themselves and see what’s still valid. On the other hand, the current crisis is making some customers realize that they need digital working now more than ever, prompting them to invest in a new workforce in which humans and machines collaborate.

Digital forms of work

Hand-in-hand against COVID-19: How are UiPath and Synpulse supporting government and healthcare institutions?

UiPath is offering to provide organizations in the public sector and healthcare with a free RPA solution in the context of COVID-19. Synpulse is supporting the endeavor by helping to get these robots up and running.

A good example is Mater Misericordia University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. The hospital started using RPA back in fall 2019. As part of COVID-19 it has accelerated the situation for the hospital. Thanks to an RPA solution from UiPath, the hospital’s management managed to make time savings of 30% and substantially reduce the burden on staff, particularly during the infection testing phase.

Good news: Representatives of Swiss authorities and healthcare institutions can apply for a license for so-called unattended robots via Synpulse, which is a UiPath Gold Partner with many years of experience with RPA. Synpulse will implement this license in the institution’s operations. Synpulse has also established templates for COVID-19-related processes that make it easier to use automation solutions in the context of coronavirus.

Healthcare and government institutions

How is UiPath using its Automation Hub to help the finance services and insurance industry?

COVID-19 entails special challenges for the Swiss financial sector. This has prompted UiPath to make its Automation Hub available free of charge to Swiss banks and insurances until April 2021.

Financial services and insurance companies can use the hub to crowdsource ideas from among their staff. The tool helps companies find and prioritize areas of application suitable for automation so that their automation efforts concentrate on ideas that promise the greatest impact on the organization.

Banks and insurance companies have a great need for use cases that require artificial intelligence. A very hot topic at the moment is "document understanding". This means understanding what’s in the document, not just scanning. We’ve had OCR for 20 years, but what we’re talking here is understanding what’s in the document with the help of artificial intelligence supporting the processes

Chris Binkert, Managing Director, UiPath Schweiz

David Steiger asks the experts about the hot topics currently preoccupying UiPath’s customers. Right at the top of the most urgent priorities for many customers is front office automation: solutions that connect customer interfaces faster and more efficiently, allowing companies to offer solutions for their end-customers. There’s also a need for automation to help with the processing of credit applications made through the banking system.

Another major need expressed by banks and insurers is for use cases that are broader than linear processes with predefined decision trees. These require artificial intelligence. Document understanding is also in great demand at the moment. It’s not just about scanning – something that’s been known about for 20 years already. The aim is to use artificial intelligence to help understand the content of a document and thus optimize processes.

Automation in the finance and insurance industry

Want to know more about the benefits of RPA in difficult times, free RPA solutions for healthcare, or the Automation Hub? We’d be delighted to get to know you and your concerns.



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Synpulse Expert Talk UiPath "We make robots so people don’t have to be robots. We reboot work."

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