VIRTUALBANKING: 6 Core Beliefs That Will Shape Your Digital Banking Platform

Digital banking has been steadily on the rise, and the way we bank is evolving. Customers demand an omnichannel experience, where they find payment options, personalisation capabilities, and more, across channels, pushing traditional banks to transform and modernise their business models.

Leveraging our experience at Synpulse, we have identified strategic themes and core beliefs that help banks shape their digital banking structure. These key themes allow us to provide our clients with the ability to seize opportunities and optimally utilise their resources.

Core belief 1: Data as an asset

Harnessing data, along with unlocking its enormous disruptive potential, is the most significant asset that several organisations possess. This allows banks to deliver a highly personalised, convenient, and innovative experience to customers.

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Core belief 2: Design thinking and product innovation

Adopting a human-centric ideation approach is critical to create transformative solutions and cutting-edge products that deliver functionality and scalability for banks.

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Core belief 3: Modern architecture and cloud

Through a myriad of cloud-native capabilities, banks can reduce the time to market for new services and products. The added security and compliance layers also lead to cost optimisation and an efficient workflow.

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Core belief 4: Operational agility

To develop a competitive edge, banks need to transform their operational procedures. This is done while simultaneously fostering a culture of workforce empowerment and agility.

Core belief 5: Ecosystem synergies

The proliferation of fintechs means banks have access to an array of services and offerings to transform their business. To ensure smooth and unobstructed client experiences, banks need to work with the right tech partners to build an integrated banking system and a centralised platform.

Core belief 6: Enhanced customer experience

Through an all-encompassing user experience approach, banks can augment the customer journey. The focus remains on maximising the value via customer touchpoints while being both imaginative and seamless.

These core beliefs aim to help revolutionise the digital banking landscape by supporting banks in their digital transformation journey. Synpulse, with technological expertise and support from Synpulse8, seeks to provide clients with end-to-end assistance and guidance. With these core beliefs, we aspire to co-create a world of collaboration that reinvents how customers bank.

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