Advisory Proposition Design

Attract new revenue streams through a competitive, sustainable and differentiated investment advisory offering. Uncover inherent strengths and potential weaknesses of your business in the existing advisory processes and ensure a seamless integration with the supporting IT infrastructure.

Are you asking yourself

  • Should our organisation offer Investment Advisory offerings and services?
  • How can a new advisory service be differentiated from existing Investment Advisory offerings?
  • Is our current suitability framework sufficiently robust to facilitate new Investment Advisory offerings and services?
  • Do we need any additional capabilities to launch new Investment Advisory services?

What you will get from us:

  • Definition of a competitive Investment Advisory proposition
  • Gap analysis of existing Investment Advisory capabilities
  • Investment Suitability framework and governance
  • IT requirements to support Investment Advisory propositions
  • Opportunities for strategic Investment Advisory initiatives
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Our Approach

  • Stakeholder Interviews

    Interview internal stakeholders on strategic direction and expectations for a new Investment Advisory proposition

  • Investment Advisory Gap Analysis

    Conduct deep dive sessions with relevant cross-departmental stakeholders to assess current capabilities and to conduct a gap analysis in the four areas of Organisation, Capabilities, Processes and Systems

  • Investment Suitability Framework

    Define investment suitability requirements and overarching framework

  • IT Readiness Review

    Review current enterprise architecture and evaluate IT requirements for potential Investment Advisory services roll-out

  • Strategic Initiatives Development

    Assess opportunities to develop strategic initiatives to gain competitive advantage and increase revenue. e.g. digitizing existing services, leverage external Fintechs, extending services to further client tiers

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