Investment Advisory Risk Methodology Optimisation

The Investment Advisory risk methodology shapes your customers’ conversations, investment suitability assessment, and product recommendations. Optimising it for the bank’s overall advisory proposition, product offering, and sales process supports ongoing success for the advisory offering.

Are you asking yourself

  • How does our organisation want to assess individual product and portfolio risks?
  • Is our advisory’ s offering mainly for long-term asset allocation, or for a shorter-term agile brokerage advise?
  • Is our risk methodology aligned, consistent and comparable across different product- and service offerings?
  • Does our risk methodology allow you to recommend alternative investment products like hedging instruments to clients to diversify holdings?

What you will get from us:

  • Investment Advisory Risk Methodology Proposal
  • Investment Advisory Risk Methodology Requirements Documentation
  • Proposed Systems Architecture
  • Project Implementation Plan
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Our Approach

  • Title: Investment Advisory Capabilities Review

    Review the Investment Advisory proposition, its related processes, and the product catalogue

  • Title: Stakeholder Interviews

    Conduct interviews with Traders, and Front Office staff to understand the Investment Advisory Requirements and Challenges

  • Investment suitability review

    Conduct a review of the investment suitability framework and assess requirements based on the revised risk methodology framework

  • IT and Operations Workshops

    Conduct workshops with IT & Operations to learn about data, systems, and data processes to assess risk methodology implementation feasibility

  • Buy or Build Review

    Evaluate and create a proposal for in-house development or external vendor engagement

  • Implementation Proposal

    Deliver an implementation project proposal to deliver the Investment Advisory Risk Methodology

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