Investment Advisory Vendor Assessment

Launching a new investment advisory proposition can be highly risky but may also bring significant benefits to the business. Enhance your existing Investment Advisory by using carefully curated external solution providers to improve your investment advisory offerings and customer experience while keeping implementation costs low.

Are you asking yourself

  • Which parts of our investment advisory process can we improve quickly by using external investment advisory solutions?
  • What are the leading investment advisory solutions offered by Fintechs and IT incumbents?
  • What new workflows does my organisation need to create to implement a new Investment Advisory framework?
  • Are there tools to allow my organization to monitor regulated processes, such as credit risk assessment, to enable prompt corrective actions?

What you will get from us:

  • Vendor Assessment and Review
  • Proposed Systems Architecture.
  • Buy or Built Recommendation
  • Business case with Implementation Proposal
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Our Approach

  • Stakeholder Interviews

    Conduct interviews with senior management, front office team leaders, product specialists, and operations to understand business requirements towards the vendor

  • Vendor Review and Comparision

    Implement a Risk Review Methodology to compare the solution providers offerings

  • IT Workshops

    Conduct workshops with IT & Operations to learn about data, systems and data processes to assess vendor implementation feasibility

  • Business Case

    Provide vendor recommendation and develop a Business Case

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