Programme Management

Just rowing harder does not help if the boat is heading into the wrong direction. Maintain your strived strategic direction and promote consistency of objectives and results of project activities by establishing formal procedures.

Are you asking yourself

  • How to achieve an alignment on project objectives and procedures?
  • How to supervise and coordinate groups of projects across various business units?
  • How to introduce formal project procedures to maintain consistency and transparency?

What you will get from us:

  • Maintenance of strived strategic direction across various projects
  • Establishment of formal procedures for project work
  • Comprehensive view and alignment of project activities within the whole organisation
  • Cost saving by leveraging the potential of project work
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  • Vision and Communication

    Big picture thinking and selling the vision paired with strong communication skills.

  • Project Management

    Mastery of program / project management techniques, processes, tools and standards.

  • Stakeholder Management

    Comprehensive stakeholder management and alignment to ensure consistency.

  • Leadership

    We provide strong leadership and teambuilding to contribute to project success on a higher level.

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