Virtual Banking TOM Design and Implementation

Find out what it takes to launch a 100% digital bank. Synpulse can assist you in the fast-track introduction of your Virtual Bank, from the conception of your business strategy to the design and implementation of innovative operating models.

Are you asking yourself

  • What is your differentiating virtual banking proposition that can «beat the market»?
  • What is the minimal functions and capabilities that you must have to launch a virtual bank?
  • What is your incremental Virtual Banking capability roadmap?
  • What is your launch and end state Target Operating Model (TOM)?

What you will get from us:

  • Quicker time to market through existing frameworks and experience
  • Faster design and realization of the TOM through long standing expertise and implementation-oriented methods
  • Meticulous implementation approach for greenfield banking setup
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Our Approach

  • Business Strategy and Proposition

    Together, we discuss and determine a business strategy and proposition.

  • Platform Architecture

    In a next step, we evaluate the platform design and architecture.

  • TOM Design Definition

    In workshops with the relevant stakeholders, we define the TOM design.

  • Implementation & Integration

    Based on a pre-defined roadmap, we kick-off the implementation and integration.

  • Go-Live Support and Maintanance

    Finally, we provide go-live support and ensure maintenance processes.

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