With the Synpulse NEOINSURANCE® framework, methodology, assets and deliverables, we provide our customers a hands-on toolbox to increase their NEOINSURANCE® readiness and maturity.

Our core beliefs

Neoinsurance core beliefs

Service offerings

With our best-in-class NEOINSURANCE® artifacts portfolio, we support our clients on their strategic transformation journey to become a key player in the Embedded Insurance playground.

Are you asking yourself:

  • As an insurer I want to play an integral part in the Business Ecosystems and offer augmented insurance offerings and experiences in co-opetitive partnership models and to retain access to the customer interface
  • As an insurer I want to be supported in the shaping of my target NEOINSURANCE® role
  • As an insurer I want to sustainably increase my NEOINSURANCE® readiness and maturity level
  • As an insurer I want to identify optimisation potentials in my NEOINSURANCE® target state and role
  • As an insurer I want to define a strategic NEOINSURANCE® Transformation Roadmap (short-, mid-, long-term) to become a key player in the NEOINSURANCE® playground
  • As an insurer I want to select best-fit strategic Ecosystem Partners for my NEOINSURANCE® ambitions
  • As an insurer I want to leverage Open IT Platform solutions that best-support my NEOINSURANCE® capabilities


  • Synpulse NEOINSURANCE-in-a-Box® Model (NIAB®)
  • Synpulse NEOINSURANCE Target Operating Model (TOM)®
  • Multi-layered Synpulse NEOINSURANCE Capability Model®
  • Synpulse Open Platform Assessment Framework®
  • Synpulse Embedded Insurance Product & Pricing Model®
  • Synpulse Strategic Ecosystem Partner Selection Framework®
  • Synpulse NEOINSURANCE Process Map Reference®

Our approach

  • 1. Develop an enterprise-wide NEOINSURANCE® vision and strategy

  • 2. Define an enterprise-wide NEOINSURANCE® Target Operating Model (TOM)

  • 3. Define my target NEOINSURANCE® ambition and accordant target NEOINSURANCE® role

  • 4. Develop an initial view of the target capabilities and target maturity levels of the future NEOINSURANCE® readiness

  • 5. Review and iterative refinement of the target state in interdisciplinary workshops with defined key stakeholders from all enterprise departments

  • 6. Define target-state NEOINSURANCE® delivery model per market and LoB

  • 7. NEOINSURANCE® maturity assessment to identify and prioritise gaps (current versus target state)

  • 8. Derive an incremental transformation roadmap to pivot towards target state NEOINSURANCE® delivery model (pilot or comprehensive roll-out)

  • 9. Define, plan, ramp-up and run NEOINSURANCE® transformation initiatives

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