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Finance Excellence

CFOs stehen derzeit vor zahlreichen Herausforderungen, die eine Änderung des Betriebsmodells der Finanzfunktionen erfordern. Je nach Reifegrad der jeweiligen Finanzorganisation reichen die notwendigen Veränderungen von inkrementellen bis hin zu radikalen Transformationsinitiativen.


“Versicherer müssen sich derzeitig verschiedenen Herausforderungen stellen - von neuen regulatorischen Anforderungen bis zur Integration von enormen Datenmengen. Darüber hinaus gilt es die Prozesse effizienter zu gestalten und schneller ans Senior Management, Regulatoren sowie Investoren zu rapportieren. Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden bei ihrem Finance Transformation Prozess, um die Entwicklung des Finanzwesens hin zu einem strategischen Instrument zu beschleunigen. So können sich unsere Kunden voll und ganz auf ihr Kerngeschäft konzentrieren.”

Daniel Diederichs
Associate Partner
 Daniel Diederichs

Finance Transformation

Die Methode der Finance Transformation (FiT) bietet Synpulse ein Instrumentarium, das den Kunden dabei hilft, ihre Finanzprozesse an modernste Standards anzupassen. 
Anders ausgedrückt:  Die Finance Transformation (FiT) ist ein Instrumentarium, das Synpulse in die Lage versetzt, Kunden bei der Anpassung ihrer Finanzprozesse an modernste Standards zu unterstützen.

Finance Transformation Offering

Our understanding of current challenges in the industry:

  • Regulatory: How can you implement new regulations efficiently and effectively? 
  • Digitalization: How does it affect finance, and what opportunities does it bring? 
  • Data integration: How do you integrate data across the organization to feed planning and budgeting, and monitor business performance? 
  • Growth support: What information does finance need to identify and track growth opportunities, and enable business steering? 
  • CFO role change: How do you enable the shift toward strategic leadership, performance management, and capital allocation?

From defining a new finance strategy to implementing new solutions, we help our clients address these challenges and achieve excellence across the finance function.

Currently we support our clients with the following:
Implementing new finance system landscapes

  • Subject matter expertise (financial accounting, reporting, actuarial, etc.) 
  • Developing new target operating models 
  • Documenting as-is and to-be processes 
  • Managing development activities 
  • Coordinating of testing and user training 
  • Migrating historical data 
  • Global rollout support
Daniel Diederichs
Associate Partner
 Daniel Diederichs


Insurance and reinsurance companies need to adapt to IFRS 17 by 2022. The standard establishes internationally consistent accounting for insurance contracts. The impact on data management and reporting will be huge. Synpulse is well equipped to support you as you adapt to the new requirements.

IFRS Implementation Set-up

Our understanding of current challenges in the industry: 

  • Systems and processes need to be updated to manage new data 
  • Changes to control framework 
  • Operationalize IFRS 17 requirements 

Currently we support our clients with the following: 

  • Gap analysis 
  • Evaluating solutions 
  • Subject matter expertise around IFRS 17 
  • General project management support 
  • Preparing training materials
Daniel Diederichs
Associate Partner
 Daniel Diederichs

Finance Process Framework

Synpulse Finance Process Framework is designed to facilitate the quick definition and optimization of company-specific finance processes. The Process Framework features four levels: Process Groups, Processes, Activities, and Tasks.

Finance Process Framework

Our understanding of current challenges in the industry: 

  • Determining stages of accounting processes and planning 
  • Adhering to rules and regulations governing a business process 
  • Accounting for large-scale and high-cost investment 
  • Managing rules and regulations for trading investments  

Currently we support our clients with the following: 

  • Performing planning and management accounting 
  • Performing revenue accounting 
  • Performing general accounting and reporting 
  • Managing fixed-asset project accounting 
  • Payroll process 
  • Accounts payable and expense reimbursement process
Daniel Diederichs
Associate Partner
 Daniel Diederichs

RPA in Finance

Robotic process automation (RPA) generates quick returns on investment by boosting the speed and quality of information processing. The potential for automation is particularly large when there are constantly repetitive and rule-based processes with a high volume.  RPA can be used to develop a strategy and vision for the Finance Target Operating Model, integrating automation and making the finance organization more efficient, and significantly reducing cost, errors, and the time taken in operations.

RPA Potential in Finance

Our understanding of current challenges in the industry: 

  • Increasing cost pressure in a low-interest environment 
  • More complicated processes due to increasing regulations 
  • High data volume and the need to collect information from various sources

Currently we support our clients with the following: 

  • Reviewing processes and identifying automation opportunities 
  • Identifying and prioritizing areas of automation in finance 
  • Developing a multifaceted strategy and roadmap for implementing automation in the finance organization 
  • Selecting the right providers and partners to assist with the automation journey 
  • Establishing a governance strategy to help oversee the finance automation program 
  • Establishing a change management strategy to ensure effective adoption of automation throughout finance 
Daniel Diederichs
Associate Partner
 Daniel Diederichs

Cost Management

Synpulse combines multiple cost reduction and efficiency improvement methods to customize the solution for our client. Our strengths are threefold: our strong domain knowledge, our rich experience in implementing multiple operation efficiency methods, and our advanced method selection methodology. Synpulse has a strong track record in establishing and executing cost saving and efficiency programs. Our experience and expertise, together with our in-house reference model INSURANCEINABOX ®, allow us to determine and capitalize on the potential savings. Our proven STRIPmethod® is a structured approach that enables the company to improve the distribution of tasks and resources. 

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Approach

Our understanding of current challenges in the industry: 

  • Weaknesses in the value chain  
  • Inefficient processes 
  • Unclear documentation 
  • Less transparency 

Currently we support our clients with the following: 

  • Cost modeling 
  • Cost categorization 
  • Zero-based budgeting 
  • RPA 
  • Target operating model 
  • Process re-engineering 
  • Cost monitoring
Daniel Diederichs
Associate Partner
 Daniel Diederichs
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